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A collective of passionate and driven individuals


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to improve coordination and collaboration in the farmed animal movement through cultivating impact-focused communities.

Our vision is the end of animal suffering

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Building a stronger animal advocacy movement

Our theory of change is rooted in the idea that uniting and empowering advocates can unlock value in the movement. We are strong on our own, but we can be stronger together.

At Hive (formerly Impactful Animal Advocacy), we work towards our mission by cultivating thriving spaces for advocates, enhancing knowledge sharing, and facilitating strategic connections for the movement.

With over 2000 community members worldwide, we are now one of the largest and most engaged communities for productive discussions and initiatives aimed at helping farmed animals.

We aim to remain responsive to our community's needs, foster an environment of support and effectiveness, and continue strengthening the animal advocacy movement.

Hive Team
Our Values

Our Values

Intentional engagement

We aim to deliver maximally valuable and time-efficient experiences for Hive Community members


We generously connect individuals with opportunities and resources

Strategic Do-ocracy

We embrace individual agency and proactive initiative to grow the movement


We commit to open discussions about failures, learnings, and future plans

Impact Driven

Our ultimate goal is to achieve the highest positive impact for animals

Our history

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    May 2022

    The Impactful Animal Advocacy Newsletter was launched after it was identified as a gap in the movement.

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    February 2023

    After the newsletter received positive initial traction, the Slack group was launched as a complementary space for discussion and community.

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    May 2023

    Impactful Animal Advocacy started to see the first indicators of impact and Constance Li provided seed funding. 

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    August 2023

    Co-founders Sofia Balderson and Constance Li started to work full-time at the organization.

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    January 2024

    Open Philanthropy funding helped to grow the team.

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    May 2024

    The organization rebranded from Impactful Animal Advocacy to Hive.