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At Hive, our mission is to improve coordination and collaboration in the farmed animal movement through cultivating impact-focused communities. We believe in the power of connection, information, and action. That's why we've developed three core programs.

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Our core programs


The Hive Slack is a vibrant community where highly engaged farmed animal advocates can connect, discuss topics, and find support. The moderated platform includes over 2000+ members and 90 public channels. Whether you are looking for a job, advice, or collaborators, we have a space for you.

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Our newsletter aims to keep advocates informed with the latest updates, research, and opportunities in the movement. Carefully curated by our team and open to community contributions, it comes to your inbox twice a month so you don’t miss anything important.

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Hosted by the Hive team, our events give advocates an opportunity to have live, synchronous interactions. Most of our events are virtual, though we will host in hub cities and during conferences to bring the Hive Community together.

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We have several other programs, including our Resources , Strategically Facilitated Connections, and AI & Animals work . If you want to learn more about them, please contact us at .

Who our programs serve

The Hive Network reaches many different groups of individuals, including:

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From the Hive Community

Testimonial Bubble
Cynthia Schuck

Meet Cynthia

Cynthia partnered with Hive to build a dedicated Slack channel with monthly meetings, expanding the reach of their research in the animal advocacy community.

Cynthia Schuck,

Research Director, Welfare Footprint Project

Testimonial Bubble
Nicoll Peracha

Meet Nicoll

Nicoll found her co-founder, Blake Hannagan, after posting the job ad on Slack. They now host monthly office hours on Measurement, Evaluation, & Learning (MEL) and have a channel in the Hive Slack.

Nicoll Peracha,

Co-founder, The Mission Motor